Note; Hello - I have just returned from my winter vacation in Mexico. I will begin crafting new birdhouses in mid March. Check back in around the end of March 2018.

All my birdhouses have been SOLD except for #' 5 ... more to come soon.

UPDATE; CEDAR MARKET will be open each Sunday 10;00am to 2;00pm starting on May 13th. 2018 until late October. To contact me - Use the "CONTACT ME HERE" form at the bottom of this page or call me  directly at (1) 250-591-5993.


If your are interested in one of my designs but can't make it to the Market please contact me by completing the form at the bottom of this page. I am also available for custom projects to suit your needs.. You can take a look at one of my custom jobs by clicking here.

General Notes:

  •  B.C. West Red Coast Cedar is a very weather resistant wood that will retain its quality and character with age, and weather to a soft silver grey if left untreated. To retain the natural wood tones of the cedar, a coat of water sealant or natural linseed oil can be applied annually to the exterior. If desired, they can be stained with non-toxic paint using the colour of your choice. Annual check-ups should be done with upgrades as required.

  • No entry perches have been installed, this is necessary to keep away predators, instead a natural forest element has been provided for the bird landing and roost to assist the bird entrance to their new home.

  • The bird house should be placed 6”-0”” to 12”-0” above ground level, 25’-0” apart and with the entry hole facing away from prevailing winds and direct sunlight if possible.

  • Each bird house comes with cleaning instructions to keep your birds healthy and parasite free.


Bird House Notes:

  • Each bird house has been constructed with 3/4” thick red cedar recyclable materials. 

  • The exterior of each bird house has been coated with multiple coats of natural source double boiled linseed oil for weather protection. The interior was left untreated. Waterproof glue was used throughout. 

  • The durable copper or brass nails used throughout the construction compliment the earth tones of the cedar materials.

  • A drainage and ventilation system is provided in each bird house including an interior bird ladder below the bird entry hole to assist the baby birds to climb out.

  • Each bird house and entry hole has been designed to accommodate  wrens, chickadees, titmouse and nuthatches. 

  • Each bird house has been provided with a cleanout access to remove yearly nesting material & eliminate parasites etc.


Fairy & Gnome Home Doors Notes:

  • The Gnome Homes have been commissioned by the Gnomes to upgrade the entrance to their homes.  

  • Each Gnome home is constructed of Red Cedar and coated with multiple coats of double boiled linseed oil for weather protection.  

  • The durable copper and brass nails used throughout the construction complement the earth tones of the cedar materials.

  • The door hardware is either natural wood or other components to suit the unique design.

  • Each commissioned project is based on photos of the location being sent by email to be designed and priced to suit the location and the Gnomes needs. 

  • The best way to perserve the life of the red cedar wood is to re-coat it every year with double boiled natural linseed oil.